About us

Malý gazda s.r.o.


About us

It is great you would like to know more about Malý gazda s.r.o. (A small farmer ltd.). We are a mini-dairy situated in Prešov in Eastern Slovakia, that was established in 2013 by Jozef and Zuzana Ševc.


Our history


Our loving grandparents left us the stalls and somehow it came to our minds that we could create a farm in order to offer people quality sheep milk products. So in 2010 we started with around 50 sheep herd. Later on we, though, started to dream of our own mini-diary that would offer milk products of the highest possible quality.



In 2012 we started to work on our dream harder and we build new premises directly behind our house where we started with their production a year later. The dairy started from the very beginning of its existence to produce the dairy products made of sheep milk in the form of fresh sheep cheese, smoked cheese, bryndza (special kind of sheep cheese), string cheese, sheep yogurt and sheep cheese in oil.


While accomplishing our business dream another one came truth and our first son was born. This family “milestone” became a “milestone” for our business, as well, and he became our inspiration when choosing the name of our company and creating the logo. The small boy with a sheep in the logo stands for the family, the tradition, love to animals and nature as well as for the quality.



The demand for our products grew but there was not enough of sheep milk available, so we began experimenting with yoghurts from cow milk. After months of trying we finalized our recipe and started with the production of yoghurts from cow milk already as Malý gazda s.r.o. (ltd.).



The premises of our family mini-diary soon started to be too small for the demand we had and that is why we moved firstly to premises of a milk dairy in Svidník and later on in 2015 to Prešov. During few years we managed to fully automate the production and our yoghurts can be found in shops all over Slovakia, in Hungary and hopefully soon in some other countries.


Each yoghurt matures in its own glass jar


We, as a family, value the environment and nature tremendously. That is why our yoghurts had been packed in the glass jars from the very beginning. The glass is well recyclable, safe for health, secures no changes in the taste, consistency, colour nor aroma. We believe that the consumers with the same values shall not mind a bit higher price that includes the price of glass jars, as one of the most eco-friendly solutions on the market. You will get bigger amounts of our yoghurts for being eco-thinking from us. Our yoghurts are 220g compared to 125g or 150g most commonly found on the market.


We would like to be recognized on the market by the best quality, purely natural content of our products and eco-friendly packaging – the glass. Even though we stared with sheep milk, our yogurts are now made exclusively from fresh cow milk without any chemical preservatives. Their pleasant delicious and a firm consistence is achieved by adding high-quality yoghurt culture and proper dried whole cow milk without the use of neither thickeners nor stabilizers.


Take our yoghurts into your hand and you will see a layer of fruit filling at the bottom, tasty natural yoghurt over it and the top is covered by 2-3mm layer of amazing cream that “vacuums” our yoghurt underneath. That is how we secure the expiration period to be longer. Remember each and every of our yoghurts matures in its own glass jar, it has its own privacy to become sooo delicious just for you.


Our success


In 2014 our package was awarded the gold medal for packaging during the worldwide packaging design competition PENTAWARD in Tokyo (Japan) in the category of the packages for food products, which was a significant success.


In 2015, as a proof of the quality, our yoghurts were during the global qualitative competition selected from hundreds of products evaluated to the final top selection.


We value tradition and quality


Yoghurts are particularly suitable for those who are on gluten-free diet, for young children, people with problems with digestion and for those who appreciate quality.

Fresh milk comes exclusively from surrounding farms and we also take care of the high quality of fruit components in yogurts. The highest possible quality of the production is a must and all our products comply with hygiene standards set by Slovak and EU legislation.

Our high-quality yoghurts have become popular milk products on Slovak and Hungarian markets from the very beginning. We are working hard to make them available for customers in some other markets as well. Moreover, we are preparing new range of products – desserts and some other surprises to come.


If you are a wholesaler of dairy products or you supply HoReCa sector (our yoghurts look exclusive on breakfast tables in hotels) get in touch with us to start the cooperation.

Enjoy the taste of our products and let us know how you liked them.



Zuzana and Jozef Ševc